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RAAKO SWR drainage system is Elegant, Fire Resistant and UV Stabilized too.It is a refreshing change from the conventional Cast Iron and Asbestos Cement drainage systems and adds systems and adds a touch of smartness to the buildings. It is self extinguishing and does not support fire. UV stabilization protects the drainage system from sun rays and thus are more durable.

Reason to install RAAKO Rigid PVC SWR Drainage System in Comparison to other traditional systems
Weight Very light 6 Times PVC 4 Times PVC
Cost Average Much more Than PVC Less Then PVC
Maintenance Easy to Clean and inspect due to threaded door caps Difficult due to rough inside finish. Difficult to open door caps. Difficult due to rough inside finish. Difficult to open door caps.
Durability 50 Years UV stabilized resist damage from the sun 20 Years No Guarantee
Inside bor Very Smooth Good flow rate No particle accumlation takes place at all. CAST IRON ASBESTOS CEMENT
Inertness to chemical Very Good Gets oxidized Good resistance
Fungus growth Negative Positive Positive
Strenght Good Good ----
Installation time Very quick Very Slow Slow
Setting up Less Labour More Labour More Labour
Jointing Leak proof Not leak proof Not leak proof
Repair Easy to repair and replace Not Easy To Repair Not Easy To Repair